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Upcoming Interest Meeting

Help us build up this publication by attending the interest meeting on April 25th.


Open Tallahassee is an up-and-coming digital publication, committed to sharing interactive stories about culture, life, and politics in Tallahassee.

The current website is just a hodgepodge of information, but we're looking for individuals to help us transform this prototype into a true community outlet, where our neighbors can learn what’s going on, share valuable stories that aren’t always picked up by larger local outlets, and stay connected. Help us get closer to turning this prototype into a polished community outlet!

The interest meeting will be held on April 25th, 6pm at the Leroy Collins Library in the Magnolia Room (2nd Floor).

It will take some time and resources to build up this publication, but we’re looking forward to expanding upon the three projects we have right now:

  1. Vision Zero — openly documenting traffic crashes in Tallahassee to make it easier for neighborhood and community groups to advocate for safe infrastructure
  2. Community Calendar — an open calendar listing community events.
  3. Open Records — openly publishing abbreviated Commission meeting notes and vote records on key items.

The idea originally came together in 2021, when co-founders Shelby Green and Will Hanley met at a local coffeeshop to talk about the growing issue of traffic crashes in Tallahassee and how they could use traffic crash data to contribute to the conversation around reforming unsafe and inadequate infrastructure.

After several months, they built a demo version of the map, but realized two crucuial things: (1) this should be a community effort and (2) this could be bigger than just a place to store crash data. It could be an open repository, where neighbors can connect and share with each other.

Join us on April 25th to learn more about Open Tallahassee and figure out how you can help support this much-needed publication in our beautiful, but fractured city.