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Meeting Recap: June 7, 2023

Recap from the working meeting on June 7th, 2023.
Meeting Recap: June 7, 2023
June 7th Working Meeting, hosted at the LeRoy Collins Public Library


We held a working meeting on Jun. 7th to make progress on the Vision Zero project and further define the structure and plans for Open Tallahassee (opentlh).

The next meeting will be held in mid-July. Once the date is finalized, a notice will be sent out at least two weeks in advance.

Goals by Sept. 1st:
  1. Re-launch the website, which will be a polished mash-up between Pudding.cool and the Gothamist.
  2. Turn current project prototypes into actual products: Vision Zero, Open Records, and Community Calendar.
  3. Incorporate as an organization (either as a co-op, business, or non-profit).
  4. Raise $5,000 (through events & memberships) to hire interns for the Fall semester to write stories and maintain the website and its products.
June Timeline:
  • Vision Zero - identify key MVP features & finish building the map
  • Open Records - sketch out the architecture to extract votes from meeting audio
  • Operations - make a decision on the organization's incorporation
  • Fundraising - identify August fundraising events
Notes from the meeting:

Vision Zero

The map is almost 80% done! By the end of the month, it should be ready to hit the "MVP" status and shared externally to identify partners that can use this data to help advance the goal of reducing traffic crashes.

What happened:

  • Resolved outstanding pull request
  • Benji designated as project lead

What's next:

  • Benji - will push his work to replace the current demo map
  • Will - will clean & add more data to show on the map

If you'd like to help, follow the repository on Github or text us for specific instructions - 850-270-8440.


It's called Posted and the first edition went out on Monday, June 11th! Eventually, we'd like to have a podcast, but there's no capacity right now to fulfill this effort, so a newsletter is a good stepping stone in that direction.

What happened:

  • Picked 5 topics to focus on for the first edition

What's next:

  • Shelby - will draft the 2nd edition
  • Tsion - will help draft & review the 2nd edition before it goes out

If you'd like to help, request access to the drafting document or text us for specific instructions - 850-270-8440.

Open Records

This project is just getting started. Peter said he can work on creating the architecture to extract votes from meeting audio.

If you'd like to help, text us at 850-270-8440.

Community Calendar

Development is on the back-burner right now. We mainly need help finding someone to maintain the calendar by adding events to the calendar.

If you'd like to fill this spot, please let us know! Text us at 850-270-8440.


We haven't raised any money yet, also because we don't have a bank account, but the goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of the Summer.

Current ideas: Clean-up, Jazz Night, Back to School ride, cleaning & selling valuable data (like campaign finance data, voting data, or vote records)


We don't have the capacity yet to publish stories, but once we do, it'd be gret to interview people who exist on the margins, like Ernest, who bikes to work at 5:30am everyday or local Syrian refugees who rely on bikes and public transportation.